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Online applications for CineLink Industry Days accreditation are accepted until 10th August, 2018. Accreditation during the Sarajevo Film Festival is available in person only.

CineLink Industry Days accreditation is issued to film professionals in the following sectors: production, sales and distribution companies; film institutions; broadcasters; film promotion agencies; festivals and markets; development/training programs; and service companies. CineLink Industry Days accreditation provides access to industry activities and film screenings during the Sarajevo Film Festival.

Registration and accreditation take place through the MySFF online registration system. MySFF informs you about Sarajevo Film Festival industry events, film presentations and screening schedules. The platform also functions as the Sarajevo Film Festival Industry Guide – to maximize the efficiency of its networking capabilities, we kindly ask you to update your personal information and company profile.

The fee for a CineLink Industry Days Standard Pass for the 24th Sarajevo Film Festival is €40/80KM including VAT.

Please note that the fees for registration increase as the event nears:

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